Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Clomid Days

Sure enough, I got my period a few days ago. So I've now officially begun the first fertility treatment of my life. Yesterday I took my first dose of Clomid, which I'll be taking every day this week up to Friday. It makes me feel hot! As in, warm, which is different for me because I get cold so easily. I'm hopeful that it will work, but I'm also not getting my hopes up too high, because there's a good chance that it won't. We're doing IUI with it too. More on that later!


Carolyn said...

This is Day 4 on Clomid. I feel great! The first day was the toughest, and Day 2 was better. Days 3 and 4 I've felt great! So far this fertility treatment isn't so bad. (Famous last words!)

Anonymous said...

Here from LFCA. Just wanted to say hi, and good luck on the clomid and the IUI!

Carolyn said...

Thanks! I like your blog, I'm going to put it on my list.