Thursday, September 25, 2008

IUI Is a No-Go This Month

A week ago I went to my doctor's office to get an ultrasound done to see on what side follicles were developing on. My right side is my bad side (i.e., the side where there's just a little stump instead of the right half of the uterus), so the left side is where things are good. Unfortunately, the ultrasound showed that follicle stimulation was happening on my right side, so we're not going to do IUI this month. It's disappointing, but I'm used to disappointment, and it's not that big a deal. What's another month when you've been trying for 2.5 years? My husband and I still had missionary-position sex on my supposedly fertile days. My doctor said that sometimes the egg can find its way over, even when things are weird like they are for me. And presumably there are a few eggs floating around due to the Clomid, so who knows!

Don't worry, I'm not getting my hopes up too high. The chances of a pregnancy happening this month are very low!


Anonymous said...

Has your dr suggested removing your rudimentary horn?

sara said...

I'm sorry - I hope that next month is much better. I remember how frustrated I was because when we were doing our IUIs I always seemed to ovulate on my right side. I'm a left UU and so I have my tube on my left and not right. Technically I know it's still possible to get pregnant off of the opposite side - but I know it doesn't exactly fill you with hope, you know? I'll be keeping you in my thoughts! Hang in there - I know how bumpy this can be's not easy.

Donna said...
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Carolyn said...

Aargh, I just accidentally left a comment from another blogger account. Oops!

No, my doctor hasn't suggested that and I hadn't given it much thought yet. Do you think that's something I should look into?

Thanks Sara for your words of encouragement. It's really nice to not feel so alone in this!

sara said...

No prob girl! Us UUers have got to stick together :-)

Courtney B. said...

HI i just wanted to say i got pregnant the month they told me i had follicles on my right side (i am also a left UU) I was on Femara at the time and after sex i would lay on my left side. I have heard that by laying on your UU side it can help things move along.

Just some food for thought:)